Tag: Geneva Auto Show 2011

Geneva Auto Show: Courb C-ZEN

At this year’s Geneva Auto Show French automaker Courb debuted their new electric vehicle concept, the C-ZEN, that’s powered by U.S. lithium battery manufacturer Valence. The concept car first came to our attention through a separate report. According to Valence,… Read More

Geneva Auto Show: Mia Electric MicroBus

There are always a few vehicles which fly under the radar of media at events like auto shows. Such is the case with a new, compact vehicle called the MicroBus that debuted at this year’s Geneva Auto Show from German… Read More

Geneva Auto Show Green Car Photo Gallery

The 2011 Geneva Motor Show this year was a showcase in green car technologies. All the usual types of green cars you’d expect – be it hybrids or electrics – were present, as well as exotic supercars fueled by biofuels.… Read More

Geneva Auto Show: Volkswagen Giugiaro Tex

Volkswagen’s partnership with Italdesign Giugiaro has debuted a new hybrid vehicle called the Tex at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. The sporty new car is powered by Volkswagen’s Twin Drive hybrid system and one of the first vehicles to be… Read More

Geneva Auto Show: Artega SE

German automaker Artega is introducing an electric version of their mid-engine sports car at the Geneva Auto Show called the Artega SE. The SE stands for Sports Electric, and comes from a partnership between Artega and the Fraunhofer Institute, a… Read More

Geneva Auto Show: BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

BMW is debuting their new concept car, the Vision ConnectedDrive, at the Geneva Auto Show. We reported about possible features earlier this year, and so far, those initial details are still slow to be released. The vehicle’s main goal, it… Read More

Geneva Auto Show: Volkswagen Giugiaro Go!

Volkswagen’s partnership with Italdesign Giugiaro has debuted a new electric vehicle called the Go! at this year’s Geneva Auto Show. The Multi Purpose Vehicle (MPV) Go! is what some would call a mini-mini-van, but that name probably doesn’t sound as… Read More