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A Kickstarter Tale Of Two Different Electric Bicycles

What determines the success or failure of different products from the same niche consumer segment vying for your crowdsource fundraising dollars on Kickstarter? Yesterday we profiled Riide, an innovative electric bike that, as of this posting, had already greatly exceeded… Read More

Riide Electric Bicycle A New Spin On E-Bike Tech

An electric bicycle that’s rather innovative and up on popular crowdfunding source site Kickstarter looks like it will be a go after meeting its funding goal long before the expiration of its effort to raise capital. Given what the new… Read More
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Taking Electric Bicycles Mainstream

In developed countries, the automobile often represents the most desirable attributes of effective transportation: flexible, fast, and effortless. But is it the right choice for increasingly dense urban environments? Automobiles for personal transportation are a Pandora’s box—countries that once encouraged… Read More

ICON E-Flyer An Electric Answer To Retro Cycling

Are vintage-looking electric bicycles the new thing for those wanting to combine old school looks with green technology? We saw this to an extent with the Caterham Classic E-Bike last week, and now another offering coming down the bike path… Read More

New Caterham Electric Bicycles Offer Good Looks, Range

Caterham Cars, a British company known for its specialist lightweight sports cars, is branching out into two-wheeled offerings, including a few rather good looking new electric bicycles. These were debuted recently at the International Motorcycle Exhibition (EICMA) in Milan as… Read More

Greyp G12 Not Just Your Average Electric Bicycle

Remember Rimac Automobil from mid-last year? The guys behind the nearly $1 million Rimac Concept One electric sports car? Now they’ve got their eye on the upper end of the electric bike market, debuting this month the Greyp G12. It… Read More

Electra Pedal-Assist Bicycle Offers Good Range

Electra Bicycles is one of the largest brands in leisure cycling. The company now offers among its models a new pedal-assist electric bike called Townie Go! that’s said to be very simple to operate and capable of helping you go… Read More