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Tesla Solar Roof Cost vs Solar Panels

Is the Tesla solar roof worth the additional cost compared to solar panels? In early 2018, Tesla finally began manufacturing solar tiles for the public at their New York-based Gigafactory 2. That’s great news, but […]

insolight most efficient concentrating PV solar panel

Concentrating PV Solar Could Hit Mainstream with Insolight

Swiss company Insolight has created the most efficient concentrating photovoltaic solar panels (CPV), a technology that uses lenses to concentrate light onto small solar panels underneath, to date. After two years of research, its created […]

Kagoshima Nanatsujima Mega Solar Power Plant

Solar Power Outperforms Wind Power on a Global Scale

With the continued increase in renewable energy use across the United States and Europe solar power outperforms wind power in terms of returns on investments on a global scale, according to a recent report from […]

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30 Million New Solar Panels Planned in Florida by 2030

This week Florida Power & Light, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy Inc. (NYSE: NEE) , publicly announced their massive plan to install 30 million solar panels in Florida by 2030…. achieving “the largest installation of […]

Have Saudis Left it Too Late to Go Solar?

Saudi Arabia has yet to move on its grandiose solar plans announced in 2012 – and now it might be too late. The Gulf States’ biggest greenhouse gas emitter and the world’s largest oil exporter has […]

Solar Panel

Roadside Solar Farms Go Live in Massachusetts

Shiny rows of solar panels are now a common sight on the daily drive of many Boston-area commuters. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation is installing them in a bid to go greener and to earn […]

Solar Desalination to Ramp up in California

For making steam, solar thermal is already cheaper than fossil fuels. Desalination puts this cheap steam tech to great use. An innovative solar project in California will clean agricultural water through solar distillation, using the sun’s […]