Solar Power

Solar Panel Leases: What You Should Know

Solar leases make it easier to afford upfront costs associated with putting solar energy in at home. They aren’t without issues though, so read here to learn more.

Solar Decathlon Deserves The National Mall

The annual Solar Decathlon event, held at the National Mall is Washington D.C., has been booted from the property. One of its supporters argues for its reinstatement.

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New Beginning As Calico Solar Plant Sold

California’s troubled Calico solar power project has been sold, and the new developer plans to use less expensive PV modules instead of concentrator technology.

Voltaic Talks All Things Solar Bags

Voltaic Systems is one of the leaders in the bags with solar panels for powering devices space. We talk with one of their tech experts about their gadgets.

Fourth Major California Solar Plant A Go

The California Energy Commission has given a thumbs up to the 370 MW Ivanpah solar thermal plant, now having approved four solar power plants in as many weeks.

A California Solar Power Gold Rush?

California is in the midst of approving nine large scale new solar projects by year’s end. What does this signal of the state’s goals for clean energy?

Voltaic Converter

Voltaic Converter Solar Backpack Review

The Voltaic Converter backpack is a stylish bag with built-in solar panels to help power up your favorite portable devices. How well does it perform this task? Check out this review to find out.