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China Solar Tariff A Really Big Deal

By Michael Davidson, NRDC The sun may be shining a little brighter in China for the rest of the year, as the country’s solar industry gets a shot in the arm with its first-ever nationwide solar PV feed-in-tariff (or FIT)… Read More
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India’s Growing Solar Power Potential

By Justin Guay, Sierra Club Solar installations grew at a blistering pace in 2010 – growing by 73% compared to 2009. This situation was enabled in large part by prices that have dropped 60% in the past three years alone.… Read More

Solar Gadgets Galore Review Round Up

So many different types of solar gadgets have hit the market in the last year or so that we’ve found ourselves with a bulging box of solar gear that needs some review attention. Since these devices are relatively simple, it… Read More

Solar Power From First Solar A $4.5B Winner

The U.S. Department of Energy, which looks of late to be kicking clean energy related conditional loan guarantees into high gear, said today it was offering around $4.5 billion in commitments to support three large scale California photovoltaic solar power… Read More

Solar Energy Focus Of Bronx Green Housing

The Bronx, known as the birthplace of hip-hop and the home of the Yankees, will soon lay claim to a new, and unexpected, title: the home of solar innovation. Via Verde, “The Green Way,” an 18-story, mixed-income development currently under… Read More

Harvesting Solar Energy In Very Snowy Places

Professor Joshua Pearce has been spending his days in Canada’s knee-deep powder, bouncing tennis balls off snow-covered solar panels in an attempt to solve a pressing problem for renewable energy – how do you harvest the sun’s power in the… Read More

Solar Panel Leases: What You Should Know

A relatively new addition to the world of solar power systems is the concept of solar leases. A solar lease can provide a path toward solar energy integration for home and small business owners that might otherwise be unable to… Read More

New York Offers Solar Thermal Incentives

While officials in California were working to pass legislation that requires 33% of the state’s energy to come from renewable resources by 2020, New York appears to have been making plans to establish renewable energy commitments of its own. According… Read More
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Solar Power Research An Energy Crisis Fix?

It’s the Holy Grail at clean energy research labs all over the world and something which could address long term energy issues domestically and beyond: more efficient photovoltaic solar. We’ve told you about scientists studying full-spectrum cells, using textured substrates,… Read More

Solar Decathlon Deserves The National Mall

[Editor’s Note: For our latest column we invited Darius Siwek, a supporter of an effort to get the annual Solar Decathlon restored back to the National Mall after it was removed from there by the U.S. Department of the Interior… Read More
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Where Solar Energy Storage Meets Smart Grid

Can stored solar power at the residential level help to make the smart grid smarter? According to Sunverge, the answer is ‘yes.’ The company’s new Solar Integration System (SIS) came to our attention via Pacific Housing’s new 2500 R Street… Read More

Solar Power Energized By DOE’s SunShot

One path to boosting the adoption of renewable energy is to make fossil fuels more expensive with a carbon tax or cap-and-trade policies. Since that apparently isn’t happening any time soon in the United States, the Obama administration is taking… Read More
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New Beginning As Calico Solar Plant Sold

K Road Power said yesterday it had acquired the planned Calico solar power project from struggling Tessera Solar at an undisclosed price. In making the announcement, K Road said it would largely ditch Tessera’s plan to use a concentrating solar… Read More

Solar Power And Solar Energy Demystified

More than 2,000 years ago, the Greeks and Romans used mirrors to concentrate the sun’s energy and light torches for their religious ceremonies. And even the photovoltaic effect — a means to convert light into electricity that remains a key… Read More