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Free Solar Power in California: Thanks, Cap-and-Trade!

California’s cap-and-trade program brings in money when carbon allowances are auctioned.  A lot of money – about $1.49 billion in the current fiscal year alone, the state said last week. The law requires that “the state […]

Akon’s ‘Solar Academy’ Aims to Light Up Africa

There are some who argue that Africa needs fossil-fuel-generated power in order to boost standards of living and end the deprivation that afflicts too many. Just can’t do without it. But Akon is taking a different approach […]

Community Solar Spreading the PV Goodness

The story of rooftop solar power in recent years is one of challenges conquered. Panels too pricey? Scaled up production (in China, mainly) took care of that. System capital costs still too high? New finance models, […]

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China Solar Power Surges: Leaves Entire World Behind

China issued an update on its solar progress this week and made every other solar-seeking country around the world feel kind of pathetic. The National Energy Board said 5.04 GW was installed in the first quarter […]

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How Solar Saves The Military Big Bucks

Pew sees renewables booming for the U.S. miliary, and an Air Force base solar project in Arizona shows how going green saves green for the Defense Department.