When we last looked in on Chinese automotive company BYD, they were easily dominating the world stage of electric buses and taxis with roll outs and pilot trials in markets all around the globe, including New York City. This dominance shows no signs of ending anytime soon, as a scan of recent news headlines from them indicates. Two of the most recent ones are worthy of calling attention to, one of which introduces the BYD ebus into London and the other which talks about the world’s first articulated electric bus offering.

The latter item is the most fascinating of all the news BYD has put out of late in the electric public transportation sector. Unveiled in Bogota, Columbia, this long-range, 18 meter (60 foot), articulated all-battery-electric transit bus was specifically tailored to the local needs of rapid transit programs. It makes use of in-wheel electric motors, and its body strength is “enhanced by using a strong steel chassis and an aluminum body.”

image via BYD
image via BYD

As for its range, BYD said that, based upon “initial prototype testing in China, the 18 meter BYD articulated bus ran 240 km (150 miles) on a single charge.” This reportedly would fully meet the daily requirements for Bogota’s TransMilenio Rapid Transit system serving the capital of Colombia.

Meanwhile, across the world in the United Kingdom, Transport for London recently took possession of two of the regular 12 meter electric buses that will run on two central routes in the nation’s capital. This older BYD electric bus offering, as previously mentioned, is quite tested on the world stage at this point, including in the European cities of Paris, Bremen, Bonn, Madrid, Barcelona, Salzburg, Warsaw, Amsterdam, Brussels and Budapest.

The range of the 12 meter bus is slightly more than the 18 meter, coming in at over 250 km under most “real world urban conditions.” They are said to “have accumulated 23 million Km (~14M miles) of in-revenue service world-wide and also have become synonymous with low maintenance costs.”

“We are convinced that widespread adoption of the BYD ebus could have a dramatic effect on lowering pollution levels in major cities,” said Isbrand Ho, Managing Director of BYD Europe, in a statement, “so this development in London, one of the world’s top cities, is of tremendous importance.”

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