Currently in the U.S. there are three independent green car manufacturers notable enough to rise above the noise of non-major brand automotive companies. Of these three, two – Coda and Fisker – are both struggling to stay afloat. The third, Tesla Motors, seems to be doing quite fine, announcing recently plans to begin worldwide distribution of its popular all-electric Model S sedan.

To accomplish this worldwide distribution goal, Tesla needs distribution centers in other parts of the world. To this end it is about to open its new European Distribution Center in Tilburg, Netherlands later this month. This 62,000 square foot facility is said to be centrally located relevant to whatever roll out plans the EV car company has planned for that part of the world.

Tesla Motors Model S
Tesla Motors Model S (image via Tesla Motors)

The new Tesla facility sill serve many rolls for the American auto manufacturer as it enters a luxury car market dominated by the likes of BMW and Mercedes-Benz. At first it will begin stocking parts for both the Tesla Roadster and Model S. In addition to parts warehousing, Tesla said it plans to utilize this facility for vehicle importing operations, final vehicle assembly and distribution, service headquarters, technical training operations, parts remanufacturing, collision repair and more.

Also, Tesla noted, general production of a European left-hand drive Model S is planned to begin in March 2013. It is believed the Netherlands facility will lead to the creation of approximately 50 jobs in the next few years.

The Tesla Model S, as the successor to the Roadster, has had something of a banner year in 2012. Besides winning a boatload of best of awards from media, its crowning glory was being named Motor Trend car of the year. It went on sale back in June, with a starting price at that time of around $50,000 after a federal tax rebate.

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