To make a splash in the electric motorcycle market these days, you have to do more than strap a battery pack under the seat. Because of the rapid advances in design and performance, these days a designer has to think out of the box. Or, in the case of British based design firm Phil Pauley, you have to climb into the box and figure out just how to rethink the entire concept of a motorcycle.

According to a report on Inhabitat, Phil Pauly’s new electric motorbike concept, the Crossbow, is an extreme all-weather electric motorcycle that features a canopy cover that shields the rider from the elements and offers another level of safety for motorcyclists. According to the company, Crossbow riders don’t even need to wear a helmet.

image via Phil Pauley

The gracefully designed automatic canopy has been styled around the riding position allowing the riders legs to keep stability and full control at low speeds. With the aerodynamic aid of the canopy, the Crossbow also is is designed for high-speed cruising and the racetrack.

Since the canopy offers protection from the elements, the Crossbow allows motorcyclists to in a much larger range of weather conditions thanks to unheard of motorcycle luxuries like a windshield wiper and (gasp!) a heater.


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