Green car manufacturer Fisker Automotive has had its share of challenges on the way to introducing the Karma to the American market, including criticism and delays in delivery. Now, in light of a recent problem from its battery supplier, a recall is thrown into the mix.

Fisker’s battery supplier for the Karma, A123, recently said that it found a potential safety issue in which the hose clamps that are part of the battery’s internal cooling system were misaligned, being positioned in such a way that it could potentially cause a coolant leak that could cause an electrical short circuit. Initially it was said only 50 or so vehicles were impacted by this, but now, in a recall filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, that number has jumped to 239 models (less than 40 are “believed to have been delivered to consumers” though, with the remaining still in dealer inventory).

image via Fisker Automotive

Fisker said in this filing that certain model 2012 Karmas manufactured from July 1 through November 3 of this year are impacted by the issue which, if a short occurs, could potentially start a fire. The auto manufacturer noted it plans to notify owners that its dealers will replace the high-voltage battery at no cost to the owner, and that the safety recall is expected to commence in January 2012.

The over $100,000 luxury green car from Fisker is certainly not the first of its kind this year to have this type of high profile safety issue. GM’s Chevy Volt, for example, is being looked at for potential fire issues related to its battery packs that could occur a short time after an accident in the vehicle happens. Nissan, for its part, says its growing in popularity Leaf electric vehicle’s batteries were “tsunami tested” and quite safe.

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