Innovator, world traveler, and electrical engineer Marcelo Fornaso has created a two-directional, single seat device called The Tilto that acts like a unicycle, but is actually a pivoting two wheel design.

Fornaso says he came up with the idea while in Ethiopia, but modeled the electric vehicle after the Segway, which he rode in Paris. According to the hackaday blog, The Tilto is specifically designed to handle banked curves, allowing the rider to shift their body like on a bicycle without handlebars.

image via Marcel Fornaso

The prototype seems to be a combination of the somewhat odd YikeBike and the electric unicycle we recently covered. However, there doesn’t seem to be any rush to sell the device in the public market. For now, The Tilto remains an interesting project for an engineer who enjoys a challenge.

There are several videos of the how the vehicle came together, specifically the electrical components and stabilizing software, on Fornaso’s blog. From the video, below, it doesn’t look the like The Tilto can travel very fast, but Fornaso is quick to point out that the prototype needs much work. We wish him the best.

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