Hansjörg von Gemmingen was one of the first owners to receive a Tesla Motors Roadster less than two years ago. Since then, von Gemmingen has driven over 62,000 miles (or the more impressive sounding 100,000 kilometers) in his electric vehicle.

Located in southern Germany, von Gemmingen says he drives his Roadster everywhere, regardless of range or temperature. He claims he purchased the vehicle after seeing an article in German Manager Magazine touting the car’s 200+ mile range, but felt totally confident in his choice after physically inspecting a model at the Geneva Auto Show.

image via Tesla Motors

According to von Gemmingen, he has no problem finding available charging stations, and was able to make a near 500 mile journey to Berlin with ease. Tesla Motors is quick to note the heartwarming story that von Gemmingen’s mother has installed a 240-volt charger at her home so that her son will visit more often.

So far, Telsa Motors says its fleet of Roadsters has driven a collective 11 million miles with zero-emissions, and that knowledge gained in the process is being directly funneled into aspects of the company’s new vehicle, the Model S, a premium sedan set to released sometime in 2012.

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