A new electric motorcycle concept from the Carlos III University of Madrid (UC3M) called the e-Moto has been developed into a prototype by LGN Tech Design, a company originally based at the university and supported by the school’s science park.

The prototype bike recently participated in the all-electric FIM E-Power race in France, and although the vehicle came in last place, the team was happy to report that no mechanical problems were found during the event. Creators of the bike are hoping to become the first Spanish company to produce high-performance motorcycles comparable to 400 cc racing models.

image via LGN Tech Design

So far, performance specifications of the electric motorcycle have been scarce. The company notes that the bike is relatively lightweight at just 320 pounds, and is equipped with an alternating current electric motor that can produce a maximum 95 horsepower. The vehicle also employs regenerative braking and what the designers call “innovative” front suspension.

Hopefully more details we be available soon in order to compare the prototype to other bikes, like those from Oregon-based manufacturer Brammo, which appears to be the leading electric motorcycle company in the market at the moment.

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