Ecotricity, a UK green energy company, has formally unveiled a high performance electric sports car which is said to be wind powered. It is called the Nemesis and it reportedly is faster than a V12 Ferrari, doing 0-100mph in 8.5 seconds and hitting a top speed of 170 MPH.

The all-electric Nemesis, according to Ecotricity, will be powered entirely by 100% green electricity made by the company’s network of wind turbines. It runs for between 100-150 miles between charges depending on driving style and can be charged from empty in under 2 hours from its fast charger or 8-9 hours from a regular mains supply, both via hidden retractable cable systems built into the rear of the car.

Ecotricity Nemesis
image via Ecotricity

Ecotricity said its sexy Nemesis car is entirely built in the United Kingdom. The electric vehicle, rebuilt from the ground up from a former secondhand Lotus Exige bought off of eBay, was fitted with a cluster of 96 lithium-ion polymer cells, two brushless motors and a completely new transmission. The design team behind the Nemesis has, between them, developed a variety of well regarded sports cars, including the McLaren F1, the Lotus Elan, the Corvette 2R1, the Jaguar XJR15 and the De Lorean.

The technology developed for the Nemesis, said Ecotricity, will be incorporated into the company’s next projects, a 250mph+ wind-powered electric supercar, and an electric tractor to address the next big issue “of how we feed ourselves post-oil.”

“We wanted to prove electric cars can be quick to develop, beautiful to look at, cheap to run, and run entirely on wind power”, said Ecotricity founder Dale Vince. “I was not looking for something ecological, worthy and a bit self-sacrificial, far from it. I wanted to create something exotic and desirable. Something that would turn heads and challenge stereotypes.”

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