Flying. Once upon a time, it was a universal human dream. Now, more often than not, it’s a pain in the behind. A new concept design called the EQP2 Excursion from Oyvind Roar Berven and Tomas Brodreskift may be destined to put the fun back into flying, with a green EV twist. (For those, of course, who can afford to hit the skies in their own personal aircraft.)

Light Sport Aircrafts (LSAs) such as this apparently are taking the world of private aviation by storm, filling in that sweet and speedy spot between ultra-lights and private pilot aircrafts. The EQP2 Excursion is a two-seater, can carry a 620 lb “useful load,” achieves altitudes up to 1350 ft, and hits a peak speed of 220 knots true air speed (KTS)–the equivalent of 253 miles per hour–all on a “concept electronic power source.” (This aircraft may be light, but we assume there will be some pretty hefty lithium ion batteries involved.)

EQP2 Excursion Concept
image via Yanko Design

This concept electric airplane is closer to reality than you might image, though, given its ambiguous specs on juice.  According to Yanko Design, the designers of the EQP2 Excursion already have built a full scale mockup of the interior as well as a 1:4 scale model of the plane for exhibitions and testing; their goal is to have a prototype in the air by 2013.

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