Sure, electric scooters are cool. But it’s a pain in the neck to have to plug them in overnight in the driveway, or maybe even your back porch, depending on where outdoor plugs are located and how long your extension cord may be. Worse, if you live in an apartment with no outdoor outlets, you may even have to lug your scooter inside to charge up. A company called Econogo from the UK has arrived at a commonsense solution: removable lithium batteries.

According to Econogo’s website, their scooter, the Yogo, is “the Uks [sic]  first and only full production electric scooter featuring removable lithium batteries…the perfect mix of style and grace with a coveted vigour that lends itself to the sleek, retro exterior and explosive power caged in [a] 50V battery.” The BBC lends credence to this claim regarding power, reporting that this $3,031 (£2,000 scooter) delivers the equivalent of a 100cc gas engine.

image via Econogo

The Yogo can travel distances of up to 22 miles between battery charges, with a top speed of 38 miles per hour (mph); a smaller moped-like model, which tops out at 27mph (43 km/h), has also been developed.  Both models are equipped to carry a second battery for longer journeys, which can be engaged by means of a relay switch, eliminating the need for a physical changeover.

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