Project Evie – a group of electric vehicle buffs – plans to lead the first expedition in an electric vehicle (EV) around the world. You might wonder why such a claim, however industrious the individuals behind it, warrants a mention. After all, as Autoblog Green points out, other electric cars have gone great distances: a Tesla Roadster made the journey across the United States, for example. The difference between those challenges and Project Evie? The journey will be made in a commercially available electric vehicle.

Why embark on such a challenge? As explained on Project Evie’s website, “While many Americans would consider buying an electric vehicle in principle, few do so in practice. The most common reason cited for shying away from EVs? Range anxiety.” By proving that electric vehicles are just as capable of making long-distances hauls as their petrol-guzzling opposites, Project Evie hopes more consumers will be inclined to adopt EVs.

project evie
Image via Autoblog Green

The project countdown on Project Evie’s site is set to expire in June, at which time the EV enthusiasts will set out on their quest — but what car will they use? Such details will be announced by Project Evie soon, though what is known is the planned route: the trip will begin in New Zealand and finish in New York.

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