A common (and often valid) complaint among car enthusiasts is that hybrid electric cars may be more eco-friendly and efficient than conventional vehicles, but their aesthetics resemble a head-on collision between a car, a brick wall, and alien technology from a galaxy far, far away. In answer to the demand for a vehicle that is both fuel-efficient and pleasing to the eye, deviantART member Slavche Tanevsky has created a concept for a hybrid Lamborghini, which he has dubbed the Lamborghini Madura.

The idea for the car stemmed from the Lamborghini Raw Materials Project, an event conducted at the Munich University of Applied Sciences, in which Tanevsky is a participant. Named according to the Lamborghini tradition of naming all cars after famous bulls, bullfighters, or places relevant to the bull-fighting tradition, the Lamborghini Madura is named after an island in Indonesia, which is a site renowned for its bull fights. “The Madura is a proposal for the first hybrid Lamborghini scheduled for 2016,” explains Tanevsky on his deviantART page. A car enthusiast himself, Tanevsky believes that designing a more efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle “doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be exciting, good-looking and fast.”

Lamborghini Madura (Concept)
Image via Yanko Design

Tanevsky’s concept utilizes form and function by neatly tucking the electric engine under the car’s front bonnet, a sleek aerodynamic design, slitted headlights designed to emphasize the car’s depth, and other snazzy features such as a stylishly curved hood. Design site Yanko Design positively gushes over the Madura’s fabulously futuristic looks, noting with enthusiasm that “the spoilers, as a special feature, grow out of the side panels and connect with laser beams when breaking as a symbol of the electric drive system.”

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