Attention, green Okies! You have until the end of the year to get your hands on the cheapest electric vehicle in America, the Kandi Coco. At $865, this glorified Chinese golf cart is said to beat out even the legendary Tata Nano of India for cheap zero emission thrills.

The actual MSRP of the car is $10,599.00; the first deduction, according to Autoblog Green, comes from Uncle Sam, which chops off $4,435. With Oklahoma kicking in another $5,299, that amounts to a whopping $9,734 in rebate savings. Some pecking at the calculator reveals a price that brings the Kandi Coco EV down to just $865 – this pricing though is only good for Oklahoma residents through December 31st of this year.

image via Green Autoblog
image via Autoblog Green

Of course, the Kandi Coco is really a Low Speed Vehicle (or LSV), so a top speed of 25 miles per hour is all that is allowed, along with the fact it can’t roam on roads where others can drive over 35 mph. Still, with the combined rebates available until the end of the year, it looks to be one hell of an electric car deal, provided you get yourself to Oklahoma to buy one.

Kandi Coco [via Autoblog Green]

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