Der Ziesel One Really Strange Off-Road Electric Vehicle

All things being equal, this next electric vehicle is quite simply one of the most weirdest ones we’ve ever covered. It is an off-road offering from an Austrian company, and what perhaps stands out the most about it from first glance is it gets around on rubber caterpillar-style tracks as opposed to regular tires.

The Der Ziesel, as picked up on by Gizmag, is said to combine “sustainable and environment-friendly technologies with pure outdoor fun” by those who built it. While not everyone would agree riding something around like this in the pristine backwoods is green focused, it beats the alternative of noisy, gas belching snowmobiles anyhow.

image via Mattro

image via Mattro

Developed for use year round, this electric vehicle is driven by two electric motors with rated power of 4.8 kW that are powered by a 6 kWh lithium-ion battery with “fully automated heating system.” A joystick is what you use to steer this beast, which is a quite hefty monster weighing in at some 462.9 pounds.

Key features of the Der Ziesel include a double suspension arm chassis, variable driving modes, LED lighting, a 4-point safety seat belt, tubular steel frame for “rollover protection” and a top speed of 21. 7 miles per hour. Range is variable, depending upon many factors, but it reportedly could eek out up to eight hours on a single battery charge if handled right.

As for the price, well, let’s just say you are above $29,000 for it. And this doesn’t even include the charger or shipping.

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    Nad Colors

    I might even go snow camping if I didn’t have to listen to snowmobiles, gun fire, Ghetto blasters, drunks, generators, sirens, glass pack mufflers, trash trucks, etc.

  • Reply January 10, 2014


    Kind of looks like an off road wheelchair!

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