Stigo Electric Scooter Folds Up For Easy Storage

On the high end of electric scooters, there are models like the soon to be to market BMW C evolution. As you head down the spectrum from there, other models start to emerge which use innovative means of getting your attention. One of these is the new Stigo, and its trick is that it is foldable for easy storage.

Designed to help you get those last few miles from a mass transit stop to your apartment in an urban setting, it has a maximum speed of 25 km/h (15.5 MPH) and a maximum range of 8 miles. This isn’t something you’ll be riding a long distance, or at a high speed, to be sure based upon these specifications, but it isn’t geared towards that idea either.

image via Stigo

image via Stigo

Where this scooter really tries to innovate is in the foldable and lightweight package you can turn it into when not in use. It weighs only 17 kg (37.5 pounds) and measures a mere 45 x 40 cm when folded. It resembles what’s described as a golf bag or wheeled suitcase when broken down, making it easy to bring it into one’s apartment or a restaurant.

While the Stigo does cost 2,370 euros ($3,690) it is said as well to only run someone 1.5 euro cents a day to operate. It comes with a two year warranty and is classified “as a limited performance scooter with lower legal and traffic requirements.” Like most other electric vehicles, it can be charged from a regular wall outlet.

The company behind this electric scooter said it plans to deliver its first 200 units next summer. Beyond that, it hopes to offer up 8,000 units by 2015. There’s no word on American availability at this point, but perhaps a reseller will come along and bring it to our shores if interest is shown.

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    Great idea. Been wondering when someone was going to come up with this

  • Reply September 22, 2013

    Steve Kintz

    at that price i really dont think too many will want it. i thought it would cost around 500 usd at most really. not much too it and it cant go too far.

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