Denver Airport To Install Free Electric Car Chargers

Most of the time we become aware of new installations of public electric car chargers, they are Level 2 or above to allow for a quicker charging experience. Such is not the case at Denver International Airport (DIA), which announced this week [PDF] it will be putting in a selection of Level 1 chargers that will be free of charge to use for those who pay to park in one of its garages.

image via Shutterstock

image via Shutterstock

Airport officials said they chose the Level 1 over Level 2 chargers, in part,

because they are efficient, inexpensive, cost far less to install and will meet the needs of airport customers. The stations will provide a full charge to most plug-in vehicles in about eight hours, while the average DIA customer parks for 1.4 days.

‘This is one of the first major public installations of commercial Level 1 electric vehicle charging systems in the United States,” said Allen Will, director of business development and programs of Telefonix, which is doing the installation, “and I can’t think of a better place than at Denver International Airport – which already has a reputation as being one of the greenest airports in the world.”

10 of the slower charging stations will be installed this fall, with five going into each parking garage. Signs will indicate which spaces are to be used by electric and plug-in vehicles only for hooking up while traveling, which include popular  models such as the Chevy Volt, the Nissan Leaf and the plug-in version of the Toyota Prius. The chargers join other green initiatives at DIA such as lots of on site solar energy.

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