New Electric Car Charger Doubles The Charging Fun

As the electric car market continues to mature and we see the build out of vehicle charging networks around the globe, there will come a time where it will be smarter to have chargers which can host more than one vehicle per circuit and which offer more ways for owners of them to make revenue. ChargePoint thinks its latest charger – the CT4000 Series – is just such the charger to meet what if feels will be a growing demand for more sophisticated technology.

ChargePoint said its CT4000 models – which come in bollard and wall mount designs – are the first charging stations to offer

a power sharing feature, allowing a single circuit to power a dual port charging station, which will double the number of charging locations without increasing installation costs.

This ability to squeeze more car charging into a smaller space will allow for the installation of more chargers, thus increasing the potential revenue for a station owner of these devices. They also come with what’s called Clean Cord Technology, which is essentially a self-retracting cord management system that, combined with the dual port charging design, creates a sort of look and feel of a traditional gas pump.


image via Chargepoint

In a nod to further offering revenue possibilities, the CT4000 chargers also offer “a first-ever customizable video feature on a color LCD screen allowing station owners to run video content of their choice through ChargePoint’s cloud service.” A built-in signage feature can be influenced as well by the charger’s owner.

The company noted its new chargers “are already in high demand with hundreds of installation orders coming in from current ChargePoint customers, including Google.” It currently has over 12,000 charge spots and a 70%+ market share of networked public charging stations.

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