Korando C EV-R A Korean Range Extended Electric Vehicle

Extended range electric vehicle technology, which makes use of a gas powered range extender to help provide additional energy to a car’s electric motor and battery after the initial energy stored in the latter is used up, is mostly commonly seen in the Chevy Volt. We are starting to see more use of this option though in other vehicles around the world, such as the recently unveiled Korando C EV-R by South Korean automaker Ssangyong Motor.

The Korando C EV-R, according to AVING and Technologic Vehicles, combines a 100 kW electric motor and 16 kWh lithium-polymer battery with that of a 37 kW gasoline generator to give this plug-in hybrid a total driving range of around 310 miles. Top speed of the SUV is said to be 93 miles per hour.

image via Ssangyong

image via Ssangyong

The vehicle presented at the ENVEX 2013 (International Exhibition on Environmental Technology & Green Energy) event looks like it is the next iteration of a platform Ssangyong has been playing with since at least last year. At that time it was unveiled in Paris, noted Autoblog, it was called the e-XIV (electric – eXciting user Interface Vehicle) ‘range extender’ EV concept. This vehicle integrated EV technology found in two other concepts – the KEV1 and KEV2 – to make use of an 80 kW electric motor, 16 kWh battery and a a 1.0-liter two-cylinder gasoline engine that combined offered a maximum driving range of 373 miles and top speed of 93 miles per hour.

Plans call for “a mass-production system for EV-R by 2016,” reported Korea IT Times. What’s being developed by Ssangyong has the support of South Korea’s Ministry of Environment, and has as additional partners “the Korea Institute of Energy Research, the Korea Automotive Technology Institute and EngineTech.”

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