Fast EV Charging Goes Big Time In Netherlands

The build out of electric car charging networks around the world seems to be going at a good clip these days, despite the fact of whether or not there are actually enough vehicles out there yet to use them. We’ve seen places like the Vermont-Québec corridor, Rhode Island, various other pockets of the United States, Ireland and Estonia all getting theirs of late, as well as major electric vehicle players like Tesla Motors offering up their own takes on deployment. Now you can add the Netherlands to the mix, which is where power and automation technologies player ABB said it will soon play part in construction of the world’s largest nationwide network of EV fast-charging stations.

ABB said it has been selected by Fastned, a Dutch start-up founded in 2011 “to realize a nationwide charging infrastructure,” to supply chargers to more than 200 locations around this nation of 16.7 million inhabitants. It is estimated that by the time all the stations are in place in 2015 that there will be “an EV fast charger within 50 kilometers” of where every resident lives.

image via ABB

image via ABB

Each of the solar canopy equipped Fastned stations will come with several multi-standards fast chargers, capable of charging electric vehicles in 15-30 minutes. All chargers in the new network as well will be capable of serving EVs offered by all major car brands from Europe, Asia and the USA, and also, because they share a cloud connectivity solution, will sport the same “user-friendly payment and access service for all drivers.”

The plan to deploy EV fast-charging stations along Dutch highways, noted ABB, started in 2011 when Fastned asked the Ministry of Infrastructure for permission to implement an EV-charging network. The government took bids to facilitate the deployment of charging facilities at the 245 service stations along the Dutch highways, and the start up got the lion’s share of allocations.

“This countrywide network of locations will lay the basis for the commercially viable development of e-mobility,” said Bart Lubbers, one of Fastned’s founders, in a statement. “I foresee a race towards faster charging and larger batteries throughout the car industry.”

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