AMP Electric Van Handles Ohio Winters Well

A van is a van no matter what’s underneath the hood. Advanced Mechanic Products, or AMP, recently proved that point. The Loveland, Ohio-based company, which converts gasoline-powered vehicles to use electric motors, has announced that its medium-duty electric Step Van has successfully passed the accelerated durability tests performed by the Transportation Research Center.

The testing firm subjected an AMP Step Van, which is also called an etruck, to 4,000 miles of tests during the Ohio winter between February through April. During that time, they ran it through a series of differing road and driving conditions like chatter, impact, and resonance bumps, dips, starts and stops at 20-percent grade, and figure-eight twists. Half those miles were performed while the 1,000 cubic feet etruck was empty while the other half while fully loaded with cargo.

AMP Step van etrucks

Image courtesy of AMP

States the press release:

The durability testing during the winter demonstrates, on an accelerated time frame, the ability of AMP’s powertrain, battery management system and related all-electric components to successfully withstand the rigors of operating under extremely demanding conditions while maintaining the structural integrity of the vehicle and AMP’s all-electric system.

An AMP step van utilizes a dual electric-motor system that generates 250 kw and powers the 19,500 gross vehicle weight EV up to 100 miles between charges. They’re manufactured at the company’s plant in Union City, Indiana. Other well-known conversions include the (now defunct) Pontiac Solstice and Saturn Sky roadsters, and the Chevrolet Equinox and Mercedes-Benz ML-Class crossovers. In late 2011, AMP teased the autosphere by announcing it would debut an “All American” SUV at the 2012 North American International Auto show in Detroit. That model turned out to be electric version of the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In 2012, AMP opened its first dealership in Cincinnati, Ohio. Vehicles purchased there are eligible for tax credits offered by the federal government.

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