MUVe Electric Scooter Designed For Folding Portability

The idea of a folding electric scooter that is easily transportable for use in urban settings is certainly nothing new. One can consider though that the recently unveiled MUVe, designed by Amir Zaid, could be a winner in this crowd, based upon the pedigree behind it and what it is capable of.

The MUVe’s designer has worked before with the likes of Fiat, Pininfarina and Ferrari in terms of creating more innovative automotive experiences. This is now carried over to this compact, nearly 30 to 40 pound when folded electric vehicle said to be focused upon helping “the commuter to travel freely in crowded urban centers with a lightweight, comfortable and cost effective personal transportation vehicle.”

image via MUVe Automotive Technologies

image via MUVe Automotive Technologies

Technical specifications of the MUVe reveal it sports a 36 volt inHub brushless electric motor which offers up to 500 W, depending upon the model chosen. Similarly, again depending upon the model, the battery option is a 36 V Li-ion with up to 14  Ah which, in combination of the motor, allows one to range up to a maximum 15.5 miles at a top speed of 25 miles per hour.

All of these specifications, noted the MUVe team, are currently based upon a prototype design and may change before a final production version is unveiled.

As for how it folds up, Triple Pundit notes the MUVe ends up folding into a “trolley on two wheels.” It will be capable of being highly customizable with features, and price wise will likely range between $2000 and $3000. It should be available this year.

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