Pariss Roadster Convertible Another All-Electric Wonder Car

Boy, there were a lot of electrified vehicles at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. McLaren P1 plug-in electric vehicle (PHEV). Toyota I-Road EV. Land Rover Defender Electric. Subaru Viziv concept. Kia provo concept. Can we go ahead and change the show’s name from “Geneva” to the “Green Motor Show” now?

One EV that seemingly got lost in the green-and-clean shuffle is the Prototype Pariss 2013 EV, or Pariss. Developed by a French coach builder, the Pariss is an electric roadster in the style of Telsa’s imaginatively named Roadster.

Spec-wise, the Pariss is powered by two electric motors generating 100 kilowatts total with an 125 mile range, according to the company. Much of that can be attributed to the roadster’s small size (less than 12 feet in length) and weight of 1,650 lbs. (That’s less than a ton.) The one-two combo of powerplant and lack of mass propels the Pariss from zero to 60 mph in less than five seconds. Perfect for zipping about the narrow backstreets of London or, well, Paris.

Pariss Roadster EV Prototype 2013

Image by Pariss

Standard all-wheel drive for the Pariss means there won’t be any fear of over steer as all four wheels grip the road in those curvaceous roads in the French country side. The Pariss, once at its destination or back home, can recharge its batteries from empty to full in five hours when plugged to a 220 volt outlet

It’s unknown at this time when the Pariss will be built or when it goes on sale, or starting price. Sales of the EV roadster will most likely be only for the European market. Which is sad, since the Telsa Roadster is currently sold out here in the U.S. If the Pariss roadster did come to the U.S., it would have to step up its game, though. The Telsa Roadster could blast from a standstill to 60 mph in 3.7 seconds and had a range of 245 miles between charges. The Pariss roadster would have to match or beat it in technology (unlikely) or low price (which would have been possible: the Telsa Roadster started over $100,000.)

Another potential competitor to the this car is the three-wheeler TORQ roadster. Pariss is also considering a sister roadster with a range-extender engine and motor setup similar to the Chevrolet Volt and upcoming Cadillac ELS.

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