Cross Country Trip Via Electric Vehicles Being Planned

In 2009, Boaz Frankel traveled across the continental U.S. strictly via non-fossil fuel means (i.e., no gas or diesel vehicles). Called the “Un-Road Trip,” he used green modes of transport including electric-powered Segways, regular bicycles, and even his two feet to cross our great land. He even road a camel at one point. When he had to fly, Frankel used a para-glider instead of an airplane or helicopter; he crossed rivers in a kayak instead of renting a boat. His point? You don’t have to rely solely on gas to travel.

Now Susan Jones wants to prove a similar point with electric power. Ms Jones, who founded Xenon Motor., which develops electric scooters, recently announced that she has founded a team which will cross the U.S. in three distinct electric vehicles (EV): an electric car, electric motorcycle, and electric scooter. The near 3,000 mile journey will begin in Charleston, North Carolina and end at the doorstep of Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California.

Ride The Future Tour

Image via Ride The Future Tour

The 40 day plus journey will be documented on the “Ride The Future Tour” website. Fans can follow the tour as it makes various stops to meet with local politicians to discuss the advantages of alternative energy and transportation. Video blogs posted on Youtube will give personal insight to the tour while fans can interact with the team via live Google+ Hangout chats. Finally, “Town Parties” will be held at these stops so curious locals can test-drive the vehicles.

Specifications of the three vehicles have not been released at the time of this post, though we won’t be surprised if the electric scooter is provided by Xenon. Besides showcasing the advantages of electric power, the three EVs will also set world records in the Guinness Book of World Records as some of the longest distances traveled on electricity.

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