There’s An App For That: Your Zero Electric Motorcycle, That Is

Zero Motorcycles recently unveiled its 2013 lineup of electric motorcycles for police and security teams. And in late 2012, the EV manufacturer unveiled its 2013 models for the consumer, including details on its Z-Force motor which amps up the power and range of its bikes a staggering 99 percent compared to the 2012 models.

Well, Zero wants owners to know what their electric rides can do for them and the environment. The motorcycle company announced it is releasing its “Zero Motorcycles” app on both Apple iOS and Google Android mobile devices. The apps, which – according to Zero – is the first for a motorcycle company, provide a plethora of information on the bike’s performance. Information includes battery amps, remaining charge, temperature of various components, and torque. Other information provided by the app include electricity consumption by mile and gas savings if the motorcycle had used a gasoline motor.

image via Zero Motorcycles

image via Zero Motorcycles

The apps are highly customizable, providing two displays and fields for owners to enter and view vehicle information. Safely, of course; statistical information like gas savings can only be viewed while the electric motorcycle is parked.

“The Zero Motorcycles app marks the first time in history that a production motorcycle’s top speed, torque and regenerative braking can be easily adjusted by an owner in seconds,” states Scot Harden, Vice President of Marketing for Zero Motorcycles. “Not only is it fun, it also results in a riding experience that is truly customized to meet the unique needs of every individual.”

The Zero Motorcycle app is free and can be downloaded from Apple and Android stores. Motorcycle technicians can use the app when performing diagnosis on the bikes. All Zero motorcycles equipped with the Z-Motor can sync with the app via Bluetooth.

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