Kia Superman Optima Hybrid Helps Fight Not Crime, But Hunger

Kia has of late been debuting customized vehicles representing characters from the Justice League comic to benefit comic maker DC Entertainment’s “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign. The latest of these, which is the sixth out of eight planned ones, is an Optima Hybrid with inklings of the Man of Steel adorning its design.

The Superman Kia Optima Hybrid is the vision of Kia, Super Street magazine/artist/DC co-founder Jim Lee. As it is built, it is designed to represent “the strength and fortitude of the  world’s most iconic Super Hero.” To this end tweaks to the regular Optima Hybrid design include being widened with custom fenders, “giving the vehicle a muscular appearance,” and featuring an adjustable suspension system that can raise and lower the vehicle with the push of a button. The color scheme on the hood showcases Superman’s chest emblem with a red paint design that extends to the trunk as a vision of a crimson cape.

image via Kia Motors

image via Kia Motors

Also of note on the exterior as relates to the design are red headlights that glow as if to be Superman’s heat vision.

Switching to the interior the Optima is “upholstered with custom materials chosen for their unique appearance and texture to reflect Superman’s impenetrable battle armor.  And Superman’s iconic ‘S’ shield is integrated into the seats and steering wheel to give it the right heroic touch.”

Of the eight cars being offered for this campaign, seven are customized to the various heroes of the Justice League, including Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, The Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg.  The eighth one is slated to be an amalgamation of all seven Super Heroes in one.

As a means to explain to folks viewing the vehicle at its Chicago Auto Show debut what the “We Can Be Heroes” giving campaign is, two video screens in the front-seat headrests “will raise awareness about the worst hunger crisis in 60 years” as part of an effort to support those affected by drought and famine in the Horn of Africa.

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