Help Crowdfund The First Open Source Electric Kit Car!

Hot rods are meant to turn heads, but it’s usually just because of their bright color or loud engine. Gary Krysztopik has been driving his unique hot rod around San Antonio for the past three years, and people still stop to stare–but it’s because of the lack of noise. Krysztopik’s three-wheeled “EZ-EV” is a fully electric vehicle that can take two people from zero to sixty without a drop of gas.

Lots of people have experimented with DIY electric vehicles, and most have no hopes of making it into any kind of commercial production. Krysztopik’s trike, however, is the focus of a crowdfunding campaign that would release the car as a simple-to-assemble three-wheel electric kit car that anybody could build and maintain.

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Krysztopik is an electrical engineer by trade, so it only seems natural that he would tinker around with gas-to-electric conversions (including a VW Bug and a Porsche Carrera). The EZ-EV has been his baby, lovingly referred to as a “battery box on wheels”. It’s been so much fun, he figured everyone should have the chance to build one. Only problem is, not everyone is an electrical engineer.

As Gizmag reports, “the main goal of the EZ-EV project is to make the 1,500 pound (680 kg) street-legal, highway-capable vehicle available as a kit that can be assembled by one person in a garage with standard tools in just one week. Open source plans and a parts list will also be released for those who want to build an EZ-EV from scratch.” The plans will be completely open source, meaning that Krysztopik retains no rights or licenses, and anyone is welcome to build, sell, or modify them to their hearts content! “Let’s improve our economy, our national security and our environment all in one simple step – by driving electric!” writes the designer on the campaign page.

For those of you already feeling skeptical of your DIY skills, yes, fully assembled vehicles will be released as well. But that isn’t nearly as much fun.

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    Alex Lester

    While easy to assemble is nice, inexpensive is better. High quality and very effective is also desirable.

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