ebuggy EV Range Extender: Nice Add On Or A Big Drag?

One thing which is a common concern around driving an electric car is its true range. Sure, you’ve got what the auto manufacturer tells you, but real road handling conditions end up varying what actually is how far you can get on a daily basis. Thus the basis of range anxiety. Could this be soothed in part though by a trailer you hitch to the back of your EV to extend how far you can drive? That’s the idea a German company is exploring.

Enter the ebuggy e-mobility concept. Essentially a battery trailer you hitch up to the back of your electric car, it allows one, according to Autoblog Green, to get four hours of extended driving range. In order to do this, it essentially bypasses the EV’s battery pack altogether in order to power the car’s electric motors and other functions.


image via ebuggy

The way ebuggy GmbH envisions it, there would be a network of existing stations where one could pick up and drop off these battery trailers. One could, for example, pick up one of these trailers in their home town, use it to help get to their destination beyond the normal range of the EV, drop it off at a station in their destination area and get around under the EV’s own power. When it is time to head back, you go get a fresh battery trailer and repeat the process towards home.

There of course would be fees associated with this process. You’d need to register with ebuggy and receive from them a kit that would update your EV to make it compatible with the ebuggy trailer. You’d then pay on demand for use of the ebuggy, with fees automatically being calculated and billed to your card.

One limitation that might hinder some people is that the ebuggy is licensed for a traveling speed of around 62 MPH, which might be a pain if you are trying to drive in the fast lane on a highway. Also, do you really want to tow one of these behind your car? Is it worth the trade off in knowing you can go further? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • Reply October 12, 2012

    Raydean Draper

    Great! You can use your EV for commuting each day’s by recharging nightly and still use your EV for long trips, Should be a whole lot cheaper and less complex then the Volt which has two of everything. U-Haul dealerships would to be able to service and install a hitch right now.

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