Electric Boats Let You Enact A Pass The Grey Poupon Moment

Life on the waterways of America for those who like to live a green technology lifestyle can be a little limiting sometimes, as not a lot of options exist for nice, relatively inexpensive electric boats. Sure, you’ve got your electric mega yachts and all, but who can really afford those anyhow? Something that might be a little more easy on the credit card are these nifty electric motorboats over at Hammacher Schlemmer.

Now we aren’t saying that these models – which price for around $3,500 for a one-person ride or $4,000 for a two-seater – will fit everyone’s budget. They are still definitely pricey, but they beat rowing your own bathtub at least. What do you get for an outlay of this amount of cash? For starters, each comes with a 12-volt electric motor that lets you putter around your local lake at a slow four miles per hour. Not fast, but if you want that there’s always a solar speed boat with your name on it out there somewhere.

Hammacher Schlemmer Electric Boat

image via Hammacher Schlemmer

Both models are said to have “the latest” in fiberglass construction technology. While that doesn’t mean a lot to those seeking some creature comforts in their electric boating experience, what might grab interest are some of these other features, which include mahogany trim, chromed moldings, and stainless steel drink holders. There’s even a waterproof 120-watt audio system with two 5″ speakers that plays music from a connected iPod and a built-in cooler that holds up to 12 bottles or cans, in case you want to have your own impromptu party.

Sporting a portside control knob that switches between five forward and two reverse speeds and a starboard hand tiller with a thumb-activated throttle. these boats are definitely made for bringing a little of the luxury eco-lifestyle to the masses. Maybe you can even get a couple of these together with friends and enact your own “pass the Grey Poupon” moment if you so choose. Or not.

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