Electric Cargo Trike Takes On All Corners

Not all electric bikes are made for zooming—some, like the Three electric tricycle from Veliac, are made for cruising, especially when you’re taking advantage of all 140 kilograms (308 pounds) of its load capacity. Electric assist has never been a more welcome feature!

This third-generation tricycle reaches a top speed around 15 mph and is billed by Veliac as ideal for people looking for “easy transport and convenience.” It comes equipped with a 250-watt motor powered by a 36-volt, 10-amp Panasonic lithium cell battery that’s good for 23-30 miles on a full charge, and a full set of handle-bar-mounted controls, including power, lights, horn and even blinkers. You can use the electric assist function to make pedaling easier (especially while going uphill), or simply hit the throttle and go. The maker says this year’s model also features the welcome addition of an improved suspension system, to smooth out any potholes you may encounter.

Veliac Three electric tricycle

image via Veliac

Another nice feature: according to Designboom, the Veliac Three trike overcomes the traditional difficulties such cycles have in negotiating tight urban corners (thanks to their odd handling and wide turning radius) with a tilting axis balancing system. This allows the front half  of the bike to lean slightly into corners (like a bicycle) while keeping your payload in the back nice and stable.

The Veliac Three tricycle features a steel frame, V-brake and Shimano Roller brakes and a Shimano NEXUS 3 derailleur. It comes in burgundy, charges via 42 volt charger and weighs 29 kilograms (64 pounds). At $1490.00 pounds sterling (around $2,390.00), it’ll run you about as much as a beater auto—but, of course,  a whole lot better on gas.

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