Personal Rover Electric Scooter Has Its Sway

According to the creators of the Personal Rover, their new electric scooter “Is very easy to ride and anyone at any age can ride it within minutes!” Heck, even the (“Extremely cool looking, ecologically friendly personal transportation vehicle for 21 century!”) scooter’s tag line is, “It’s a cool way to roll.” It also seems like a new, extremely cool looking and totally electric way to break a collar bone if you aren’t careful. But maybe we’re just being a big wuss.

First brought to our attention by the folks at Wired, the scooter consists of a steel and aluminum platform about three and a half feet long sitting on 10-inch diameter, off-road wheels. The rider stands on the platform and navigates by shifting body weight. According to the Personal Rover website, “The experience is very similar to slalom skiing, with the same exciting feelings of freedom and speed.”


image via Personal Rover

The scooter has two telescoping, fold down, ski-style handles toward the front. They provide a bit of support and something that the Personal Rover folks call “safety.” Aside from these features, one of the poles also functions as the throttle and brake. But wait, that’s not all! The poles “give this electric transportation vehicle a very unique, futuristic look, completely different in appearance from standard T-handles of common kick scooters and bicycles. There is no embarrassment factor for adults like when riding a childish-looking scooter with a common T-shaped handle bar. This electric transportation vehicle is a real head-turner and attention-grabber for a good reason. Be ready for frequent questions – where did you get this?!”

Steve Duda lives in West Seattle, WA with three dogs and a lot of outdoor gear. A part-time fly fishing fishing guide and full-time writer, Steve’s work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Seattle Weekly, American Angler, Fly Fish Journal, The Drake, Democracy Now! and many others.

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