CES 2012: Acton spinKiX Electric Mobility Skates

Kickstarter is a website designed to help the average person like you and I fund the dreams of entrepreneurs. One project that got funded by a massive onslaught of donations in just a few days is now heading towards reality and the developer, Acton, is showing off the fruits of its creativity at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show.

Acton developed spinKiX, which essentially is battery powered, motorized shoes. Well, more like motorized skates to be exact. This nifty invention straps right onto one’s shoes and is hand controlled by a wireless remote. The hardware and electronics, the developer noted, are buit into a fiber reinforced nylon frame.

With one motor and battery pack for each foot, you make use of the remote strapped to your hand to control the variable throttle. Training wheels come with the package so you can get used to this electric vehicle form of transportation’s controls before hitting the roads in 21st century electric skating style.

image via Acton

The max speed of spinKiX is around 10 miles per hour, and the rechargeable lithium batteries power these skates for a decent range before needing a recharge. The start up’s funding efforts for these skates, supported by a strong wave of press coverage, easily surpassed its initial goal of capital within five days and, last we checked, had north of $75,ooo pledged in support through the Kickstarter online fund raising platform.

While one could argue on the real world need for these when it is just as easy to walk, the truth is ingenuity like this is what drives the development of cleantech ideas and ideals, both large and small. For those who don’t want to walk the distance equivalent to what the spinKiX ultimately will be capable of going, it provides a nice alternative to getting in the car or riding the bus.

Acton expects the spinKiX to be available by March.

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