Chariot Like Electric Vehicle Heads To Homes

Just in time for the Occupy movement, T3 Motion, a California-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer rolled out its Advanced Non Lethal Crowd Control Electric Vehicle (NLRV), which the company says is “designed specifically to provide law enforcement with humane and safe initiatives used during riots and violent protests.” Now, just in time for a little non-lethal grocery shopping, T3 Motion is offering a decidedly more cuddly consumer version of the three-wheeled EV.

The new T3, known as the Power Sport, recently enjoyed its unveiling at the Progressive International Motorcycle Show in Long Beach, CA. Instead of packing launchers for non-lethal projectiles, high-intensity LED deterrent strobe lights and two guns with capability to shoot 700 non-lethal rounds a minute per gun, the new version is content with more sedate features like a 450-pound capacity, lockable storage compartments, disc brakes, custom paint and graphics, and optional storage racks, trailers, and an iPhone/iPad docking station.


image via T3

T3 says the cute n’ cuddly 300-pound Power Sport will roll out with four different user-controlled speed options —  5, 8, 10 or 12 mph and will offer a 25-40 mile range per charge. If you don’t want to take the three hours needed to fully charge the lithium polymer battery units, the Power Sport offers a hot-swap battery feature allowing users to quickly plug in a new power module.

While the Power Sport may have a rather aggro cousin in the NLRV, it has at least paved the way for the consumer model. T3 officials claim that more than 3,000 T3 vehicles are in operation worldwide, logging over 20,000,000 miles. “T3 Motion is entering the consumer market by leveraging the brand we created over the years in the professional market,” said Ki Nam, T3 Motion CEO. “With an operating cost of less than a penny per mile, T3 products can achieve the equivalent of over 400 miles per gallon of gasoline, allowing users to have fun without high fuel costs and emissions.”

Prices for the Power Sport start at $8,900.

Steve Duda lives in West Seattle, WA with three dogs and a lot of outdoor gear. A part-time fly fishing fishing guide and full-time writer, Steve’s work has appeared in Rolling Stone, Seattle Weekly, American Angler, Fly Fish Journal, The Drake, Democracy Now! and many others.

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