Danes’ Goal: Charge Any EV At Any Station

As the marketplace rushes to fill gaping holes in electric vehicle (EV) charging infrastructure, one group in Denmark is coming together to make sure that the rush of emerging technology will work for consumers.

The new center, known as the Nordic EV Interoperability Center (NEVIC), the first of its kind in the world, will ensure interoperability between electric cars and charging stations. The goal of the NEVIC’s work is to enable drivers to charge their cars at any EV charging station – irrespective of provider – and to  ensure uniform standards for consumers and problem-free charging all over Denmark. Once consumers have the confidence that they will be able to power up any vehicle at any station without technical or equipment glitches, yet another barrier to EV ownership will fall as the market becomes more reliable and more stable.


image via Riso DTU

EV charging stations from different providers – including both standard and fast chargers – will be installed at the NEVIC test center. As more and more electric cars and plug-in hybrid cars as well as charging stations enter the Danish market, they will be tested for any interoperability issues between cars and charging stations before being cleared for the road.

The NEVIC is being operated Riso DTU, Denmark’s National Laboratory for Sustainable Energy. Other organizations such as the Danish Electric Vehicle Alliance, Better Place, ChoosEV, CleanCharge and Dong Energy have contributed to the effort. The project is funded in part by the Copenhagen Cleantech Cluster, which is supported by EU structural funds. “The new center brings us to the very forefront of EV Interoperability, says Anders Troi, head of programme at Risø DTU, “enabling us to test and bypass all the small problems and barriers that always occur when different providers and their technologies have to interact. And we will thereby be able to assist both the market players and consumers.”

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