Audi Seeks Better Way On EV Batteries

Taking a studied approach to advancing their electric vehicle commitment, Audi launched the eProduction research project, a three-year endeavour to gain expertise in manufacturing and production of traction batteries and high-voltage energy storage in electric vehicles. With the end goal to develop a system and infrastructure to manufacture battery systems themselves, Audi acquired a software company and engineering company for specialist input, while also partnering with seven universities and institutes.

In addition to studying new materials, lightweight construction and joining techniques for energy-storage devices, the eProduction project also focuses on employee safety during manufacturing and testing procedures to determine the feasibility of safely manufacturing in-house.

Audi ev research

image via Audi

“With eProduction we are taking the next important step on the road to electric mobility,” said Frank Dreves, member of the Board of Management for Production at Audi. “This will put us in a position to produce electrically powered cars in larger numbers – in a way that is efficient, safe, robust and sustainable.”

Sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, the project holds promise for industry growth and job creation along with helping to meet the German government’s goal to put one million electric vehicles on the road in Germany by 2020.

Angeli Duffin is a Midwest transplant currently living in San Francisco, CA. Kicking off her career doing product design and development with Fair Trade artisans around the world, she then moved on to the editorial side, writing for eBay’s Green Team blog and working as a marketing consultant for social and environmentally minded companies

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