West Coast Walmarts Getting EV Chargers

The EV Project has huge goals for the electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure of the United States. The project, supported by the U.S. Department of Energy through the 2009 American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, is looking to install approximately 14,000 Level 2 chargers and 400 DC fast chargers across 18 major cities in six states and the District Columbia. Now, the project which is being executed by San Francisco-based Ecotality, has announced another partner and this one is a biggie – the largest employer, retailer and public corporation ranked by revenue in the world. It’s Walmart.

Ecotality recently announced it will partner with Walmart to install Blink Pedestal EV charging stations at select Walmart stores in California, Oregon and Washington.


image via ECOtality

Ecotality will install Blink charging stations at at least 10 Walmart locations for the EV Project. Most sites will have two Blink Pedestal chargers available for EV use, with the exception of one site in Oregon which will install a Blink DC Fast Charger (Portland, you might recall, in October became home to the first such publicly available charger). The Walmart locations were selected based on what Ecotality calls the “EV Micro-Climate” process, which takes into account traffic patterns, regional attractions, transportation hubs, guidance from Walmart and input from regional partners.

“Known for its low prices and ongoing sustainability initiatives, Walmart is an ideal host for Blink EV charging stations,” Ecotality CEO Jonathan Read said in a statment. “This partnership will enhance the customer experience for EV drivers by enabling them to charge up at Blink charging stations while enjoying low prices at Walmart’s convenient and recognizable locations.”

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