Niyato Dives Into EV Conversion Business

Niyato Industries thinks Americans are ready for electric vehicles (EVs). However, the Charlotte, N.C.-based company also believes that Americans don’t need or want another $100,000 boutique electric car. Instead, Niyato recently announced it will be the first American automobile company to convert new five-passenger gasoline sedans for the American people to an all-electric powered vehicle for under $50,000. (AMP Holdings does conversions of SUVs.)

Niyato currently offers two models built on the Ford Fusion and Ford Escape platforms. After tax and rebates, a Niyato conversion starts at $37,500.  That relatively inexpensive price, the company says, comes from the cost savings the company realizes from not having to design, develop and build a car from scratch. Instead, the company believes its offerings of already existing, already popular models will appeal to consumers.


image via Niyato

Niyato said its conversion features a three-phase brushless AC motor that generates up to 135 watts and 181 horsepower. That lithium-ion motivated power plant will push a Niyato at a speed of 70 mph for up to 70 miles. The cars also features an onboard UL-approved charger and safety features. All of Niyato models offer a 3-year or 36,000 mile warranty. That company said that by embarking on this business, it “will be supporting American workers and American jobs with … conversion factories in the United States—not outsourced.”

In addition to its consumer conversions, Niyato also hopes to have another customer on board: the United States government. Niyato hopes to sell its all-electric vehicles to the government to help fulfill its quota of fleet conversions to alternative fuels by 2015. “The GSA has seen our EEV specs,” a company statement said, referring to the General Services Administration, “and is excited to work with us to help convert the Federal fleet of vehicles under President Obama’s initiative.”

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