Gordon Murray EV Takes Competition Prize

The second annual Brighton to London Royal Automobile Club Future Car Challenge was recently held [PDF], hosting more than 65 energy-sipping vehicles competing to find the automobile that uses the least amount of energy over the 60-mile route. The event included low-emission conventional (internal combustion), electric vehicles, hybrid models and cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells.

The Challenge proved to be a popular ticket, and saw competitors ranging from enthusiasts driving their own vehicles to major car manufacturers including BMW, Chevrolet, Mercedes-Benz, Mini, Renault, smart, Toyota, Vauxhall, Volkswagen and Land Rover. Many of the vehicles, such as the Land Rover Range_e, BMW Active-e and Volkswagen Golf Blue e-motion will not be on sale for two or more years and had rarely been seen on UK roads.


image via Gordon Murray Design

The event was organized in three different entrants classes and seven vehicle categories – from small passenger classes to light commercial vehicles. The overall winner was former Formula 1 designer Gordon Murray and his lightweight, electric T.27. After his victory, Murray said, “It is the first time we have showcased the T.27 on the UK roads. This is the only event in the world that demonstrates real cars, in real conditions, that is measured independently and in the public eye…. Last year we won with our petrol car the T.25  entry and this year our electric car the T.27. Both of which clearly demonstrates that lightweight is the biggest tool we have for reducing emissions.”

Here’s a partial list of the winners:
Most Energy Efficient Small Car (Production) – Smart fortwo electric coupe
Most Energy Efficient Small Car (Prototype) – T.27 Gordon Murray Design
Most Energy Efficient Regular Car (Production) –  Nissan Leaf
Most Energy Efficient Regular Car (Prototype) – VW Gold Blue e-motion
Most Energy Efficient Large Car (Production) – Peugeot 508 e-HDI
Most Energy Efficient Sports Car (Production) – Tesla Roadster
Most Energy Efficient Sports Car (Prototype) – Jaguar E-Type
Most Energy Efficient Multi-Purpose (Prototype) – Proton Exora REEV
Most Energy Efficient Light Commercial Vehicle (Production) – Mercedes Benz, Vito E-Cell
Most Energy Efficient Light Commercial Vehicle (Prototype) – Citroen Nemo Van Electric
Best Overall Pure Electric Vehicle – T.27 Gordon Murray Design
Best Overall Extended Range/Plug-In Hybrid (E-REV, PHEV) Vehicle – Proton Exora REEV and Toyota Prius Plus-In Hybrid
Best Overall Hybrid (HV, HEV) Vehicle – Oaktec Honda Insight Rally Car
Best Overall Vehicle On Sale At Time Of Event – Nissan Leaf
Best Overall Entry – RAC Future Car Challenge Winner,  T.27 Gordon Murray Design

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