Coda Teams With GE On EV Chargers

It’s been a busy few days for ambitious electric vehicle maker, Coda Automotive. Hot on the heels of the company’s production push of its feature-packed, five-seat, $39,000 electric sedan, it announced an agreement with GE Energy Industrial Solutions which will allow the Los Angeles-based auto maker to sell GE’s wall-mounted EV charging station, the WattStation.

The GE charging station is a Level 2 charger which significantly decreases the time required to fully charge an electric vehicle compared with a Level 1 charger. Level 2 chargers offer between 208-240V, rather than the 110V provided by Level 1 units.


Image via Coda

The agreement allows consumers to purchase an electric vehicle and an EV charger at the same time, making the transaction easier and more convenient for buyers by offering “one-stop-shopping.”

Phil Murtaugh, CEO of CODA Holdings, said, “We are excited to be the first car company in the United States to be working with GE Energy to support consumers as they enter the EV world.  As one of America’s most established, recognized and respected brands, we’re thrilled to be able to support CODA customers with a reliable one-stop GE solution as they move into the EV market.”

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