Tesla Motors Challenged By Aussie Super EV

Australian company Arcspeed has just released a amazingly fast all-electric, convertible sports car that can go from 0 –62 mph in just 3.8 seconds.  The stylish, low-slung Arcspeed Sports looks like a race car, and can be driven either on the road or (for fun) on a racetrack.

The Arcspeed Sports “[shows] the world that electric cars don’t have to be ugly shopping carts,” the company says, noting that the body, chassis, and all critical components (drive train, battery management and Vehicle Control Systems)  were all designed and built in Australia.

Australian electric sports convertible, Arcspeed

image via Arcspeed

On the critical issue of range, the company offers two options: the high-capacity lithium phosphate batteries are located in a secure, temperature-controlled compartment under the cockpit, but other compartments in the car can house more batteries to extend the range from the standard 93 miles (150 km) to 186 miles (300 km). The extra range comes at the cost of additional batteries and slightly degraded performance due to the extra weight.

Batteries are charged in about 4 hours via 10-amp 240-volt outlets (the kind of electric outlet used in homes for large electrical appliances such as air conditioners and clothes dryers).

The company is about to go into production of the Arcspeed Sports and will be building a limited number of both right-and left-hand drive cars. The price?  “Less than half the price of other currently available electric sports cars,” the company says.

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  • Reply November 1, 2011

    Simon Hackett

    Kudos for the effort, but I’m not quite sure about the moniker “Australia’s first electric sports car”, given that I’ve been driving an electric sports car here in Australia since 2009 (yes, a Tesla Roadster).u00a0nnMy Daily driver is a Roadster Sport with slightly better 0-100 specs than this vehicle, and (in my view) far better looks. Its also on the road now, not ‘coming soon’. That, again, plays with the notion of exactly what ‘first’ is being stated here.u00a0Heck, my car has even got… a windscreen, and a roof!nnIts also got significantly better range: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Eaxl7i2wn-Y nnTo bend the words ‘Australian’ and ‘first’ a bit more, there is of course a far, far, higher performance EV designed by an Australian (albeit resident in the USA these days), viz: http://www.wrightspeed.com/x1.htmlnnHow about “First Australian built electric sports car”?nn(once its actually being built, of course)nnbut… I still prefer one with an actual roof, personally… hey, call me a rebel.

  • Reply November 2, 2011

    Keith White

    Hi Simon,nnArcspeed accept your (ever so slightly) pedanticu00a0criticisms… u00a0Call it “Marketing Licence”….Our goal was not to “convert”an existing sports car like Tesla did…. (Sorry THAT was catty…and we do truly revere Tesla and what they have done…andu00a0the Lotusu00a0Elise IS a smart looking car….)But our goal was to design something unique – from the ground up, using all Australian components (except battery of course – of which there are no Australian ones)….and look to produce it at around halfu00a0theu00a0price ofu00a0theu00a0Tesla – and do it all IN Australia…Range is – as I am sure you know – a trade off between weight and performance…. We can go further – but it might be a little slower… or we could double the proposed price – and put more power AND batteries into it….. u00a0if you want a real Australian Electric SUPER car – we could build one – just how fast and how far do you want to go…and how much do you want to spend?As to our lack of roof – our heritage isu00a0slightlyu00a0retro, open top motoring and we have designed along those lines….no apologies there…But we appreciate your comments – and your contributions to and support ofu00a0theu00a0Australian EV industry.Cheers….Keith

  • Reply November 2, 2011

    John Lee

    u00a0The Arcspeed Sportsu00a0u201c[shows] the world thatu00a0electric carsu00a0donu2019t have to be ugly shopping carts,u201d the company saysnnUh no, Tesla already did that like 3 years ago.u00a0The funny thing is after 3 years, Arcspeed can only come up with a car that has less range than the Roadster and only a tiny bit faster. Thats not innovation. Tesla is already coming up with a 320 mile sedan in mid 2012.nn”something unique from the ground up?u00a0nnTeslas Roadster was built from the ground up, and its body it a modified Lotus Elise, they dont even look alike. The Model S sedan is build entirely from theu00a0groundu00a0up.nnDon’t try to play it as if you guys did anything revolutionary like Tesla did when electric cars were golf carts.u00a0nn

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