Peugeot VELV A 3 Wheeled EV Urban Ride

At the French Environment and Energy Management Agency’s innovation forum last month, automobile manufacture Peugeot announced the development of a light weight, three wheel electric vehicle called the VELV. Details of the new project [PDF] highlight the car’s energy efficiency.

Claiming the VELV uses only 85 watt-hours of energy per kilometer, Peugeot says its electric car has a top speed of almost 70 miles per hour and a range of approximately 62 miles on a single charge. The fair impressive specifications are due, in part, to a variety of other specialty companies that collaborated on the vehicle along with the automaker.

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image via Peugeot

Equipped with a 20 kilowatt electric powertrain developed by Leroy Somer, GKN, and Valeo, along with a 8.5 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery system from Jonson-Control Saft, the VELV is being rolled out as an example of what can be accomplished when several French firms pool collective expertise.

From the image above, it looks like Peugeot is trying to break into the small-EV field, much like the RAK e that we saw earlier this year from European car company Opel. Though range fears may not be as much of a concern countries outside the U.S., the VELV comes with a real-time estimate of range left in the car and identifies charging stations that can be utilized. We also envision it could be used well in urban settings, given its decent range numbers and small form factor.

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