Hertz Debuts Electric Bus At LAX

Hertz is serious about its commitment to electric vehicles. Just months after announcing that they would be offering an electric rental fleet in China, the company recently said that they have debuted a zero-emissions, all-electric shuttle bus, the E-Bus 12, manufactured by China-based BYD, at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). The company said that at this time, the bus is only in its preliminary phase and is being used to test the viability of an electric bus on its airport routes.

The BYD pure electric eBUS-12 is able to run 155 miles on a single charge in urban conditions, more than enough, the company says, for use at its airport locations. With its energy consumption less than 100 kWh per 60 miles the bus not only makes environmental sense, it makes dollars and sense. Replacing just one traditional bus with the eBUS will reduce emissions by over 320 kg of CO2 (per 150 miles traveled) and save Hertz an average of $76 per day, per bus in fuel costs (32 gallons of diesel at $3.20/gal are replaced with $25.92 in electricity for $0.08/Kwh — the night time EV charge rates in LA).


image via BYD

The eBUS-12 is a pretty plush ride. The 40 foot-long bus is designed with a low floor and ample space to allow passenger loading and unloading. It also  features huge viewing windows and specially engineered sound insulation for a quieter trek out to Terminal Z.

In addition, the bus can accommodate a large solar system on the top of the bus as a supplemental energy source.

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    Peter Mccarthy

    What a smart investment there is not thing that can stop any company from seen light at the end of theu00a0tunnel on a investment like this the more a company invest in E V buses is the more money saving . just sorry we are not producing or manufacturing here in the USA really sorryu00a0u00a0

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