Electric Vehicle Planned From Skoda Auto

Skoda Auto, an auto maker based in the Czech Republic and owned by Volkswagen, has announced that they are jumping into the electric vehicle market with their first electric car, a model known as the Octavia Green E Line.

The Octavia Green E Line, first showcased at last year’s Paris Auto Show, is based upon the Škoda Octavia Combi, a small family car that shares a platform with the VW Golf. The Green E Line will have a range of 93 miles on a full charge. The engine, powered by a lithium-ion battery pack, will produce 114 horsepower. Those horses will gallop at a top speed of 84 mph and the car will go from zero to 62 in about 12 seconds.

skoda ev

image via Skoda Auto

The Green E Line also features an energy recovery system that supplies power to the car as the brakes are supplied. The new EV also comes with a sound generator that mimics the sound of a gasoline engine when the car is being driven at speeds under 25 mph.

Skoda is currently testing a fleet of 10 of the new EVs in an attempt to gather real-world data about the car’s performance. After this testing period, Skoda says they will tweak the car’s performance before releasing it. Skoda has not said when the EV will be available to the public.

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