An Electric Skateboard That Goes Off Road?

While the manufacturer Performance Concepts calls its new all electric MXB Motocrossboard a light-weight standing motorcycle, we, like Gizmag, are more inclined to call it an off-road electric skateboard. In either case, the recently released invention seems like a fun, but admittedly dangerous, way to travel around rugged roads like the ones SUVs are seen on in car commercials.

With three different models, the MXB can travel at top speeds of 18, 35, and even 60 miles per hour with weights between 48 and 70 pounds, however, the company doesn’t recommend users travel on public roads unless they’re prepared to meet with local authorities.

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image via Performance Concepts

Turning is controlled by the user’s shifting of balance like that of a snowboard, and the propulsion and braking system are controlled by a hand trigger, seen in the photo above. The all-electric units are available for sale and range in price between $1,700 and $2,600.

To see videos of the MXB in action, check out the company’s website (or below), which also includes more details about the vehicle. And after seeing others on the electric machine, we’re ready for our test drive. Just as soon as we get some helmets, and padding, and life insurance, and health insurance…

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