Nissan Leaf Helps Whiskey Distiller

If you’ve ever listened to the EarthTechling Podcast, you know we enjoy talking about sustainable beer and liquor producers, often joking about starting a solar powered brewery here in Oregon. After our own heart, one whiskey producer is going what looks to be completely carbon-free thanks to one final component – an electric vehicle.

Scotland based single-malt whiskey distiller Bruichladdich on the Island of Islay has recently purchased a Nissan Leaf, rounding out the last step in being almost completely green. The 130-year-old distillery grows organic barley, which is then used to feed local cows after being turned in draff, and watery pot ale is converted to biogas which powered an electric generator.

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image via Nissan

Because the plant itself is powered by biogas that is converted to electricity, the distiller can charge its Nissan Leaf from a 100% renewable resource, making business trips to the mainland eco-friendly. Although the range of the Leaf is stated at 110 miles, the nearest largest city to the island is Glasgow, which is a bit too far to reach on a single charge.

We first saw news of the distillery on the Green Car Reports blog, however, more information can be found in the video below, which is a bit over-the-top in terms of commercial dramatics, but has some gorgeous views of the distillery. Now then, anyone know how we can get a bottle of the special edition Leaf whiskey, seen in the photo above?

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