Electric Bus Fleet Goes Really Big In China

Hundreds of all-electric buses and passenger sedans look ready to shuttle attendees to and from the 2011 International Universiade Games in Shenzen, China before remaining on duty as public transportation in that city. The 200 buses and 300 five-passenger sedans manufactured by Shenzen-based BYD will together form what the company said is the world’s largest all-electric vehicle fleet leased for public transportation.

BYD touts technologies such as iron-phosphate batteries and in-wheel motor drives. Both vehicle types have a 250 kilometer range with air conditioning, and 300 without. The company’s buses typically charge at public terminals at night to avoid peak electricity demand, can reportedly be charged to 50% capacity in only half an hour and, besides the batteries, have additional energy reserves coming from a solar powered roof.

BYD's ebus

image via BYD

Meanwhile the sedans, which can also be deployed as taxis, have charge times that can be as fast as 20 minutes, BYD said. The company also noted that already its eBus test fleet has traveled over 68,600 cumulative miles on all-electric power. More than 2.25 million miles as well have been logged by BYD’s e6 taxis in test trips.

One interesting side note around BYD – earlier this year, we reported on an earlier design of BYD’s electric bus called the K9, and pointed out the company had gotten a huge public boost by getting Warren Buffet to invest in the company. Perhaps we will see Buffet checking out his investment at the upcoming games?

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